374Water, Inc. is a social impact, cleantech company located in Durham, North Carolina. 374Water offers an innovative technology that enables a circular economy and creation of a world without waste.

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Our mission is to preserve a clean and healthy environment that sustains life. We apply cutting-edge science and engineering to recover resources from the wastes our society generates to keep our drinking water clean! We support and help businesses and local governments to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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With over 90 years of combined experience in environmental and chemical engineering, both in  academia and in industrial companies, the 374Water team and its advisory board are highly equipped visionaries - ready to change the future of sanitation!

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Kobe Nagar

Co-Founder, CEO

As an experienced lead engineer, Kobe has successfully scaled technologies from concept to commercialization leveraging 20 years of experience in the chemical and renewable energy industries in wide range of positions.

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Prof. Marc Deshusses

Co-Founder,  Head of Technology

Marc is a pioneer researcher and entrepreneur. His work on biological filters for air pollution control has resulted in their widespread use for odor and air toxics control. His current work on novel sanitation technologies is breaking new ground in low cost decentralized sanitation.

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In 2021, the company merged with PowerVerde Inc., a Florida-based energy systems developer, and is publicly traded under the SCWO ticker.

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Tali Harif

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