374Water welcomes Doug Hatler to accelerate the commercialization of AirSCWO

374Water welcomes environmental and water industry veteran, Doug Hatler to accelerate the commercialization of its AirSCWO systems

374Water Inc., OTCQB ("PWVI") a social impact, cleantech company is excited to announce the hiring of a key executive, Doug Hatler from the environment and water industry. Doug has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer to further accelerate the commercialization and deployment of 374Water's innovative AirSCWO Nix systems for the treatment of biosolids, wastewater sludges, industrial wastes, food waste, and landfill leachates.

With over 20 years of business experience in areas related to the environment, water, engineering, and risk management, Doug joins 374Water from Environmental Business Ventures, where he was instrumental in commercializing water technologies while achieving rapid and sustainable revenue growth.

"I am excited to welcome Doug Hatler as a part of our senior management team at a critical time as we commercialize the AirSCWO technology. We are aggressively building the first commercial systems to be deployed in early 2022" comments CEO Kobe Nagar.

AirSCWO is a revolutionary thermal-physical process that converts waste to water, energy, and minerals while eliminating "Forever Chemicals" (PFAS) and other emerging contaminants. A true paradigm shift in how the world treats waste.

"I'm extremely happy to join 374Water. I have been watching supercritical water oxidation for some time. This next-generation AirSCWO technology developed by the company founders at Duke University clearly has global potential. 374Water's AirSCWO technology will change the way waste is managed through resource recovery and elimination. I look forward to participating in that change. ``

374Water is commercializing its decentralized AirSCWO Nix systems as prefabricated, compact, and modular units.

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