Supercritical Water Oxidation


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AirSCWO™ is a physical-thermal process that handles a variety of organic wastes, in particular wet wastes in concentrated slurries such as wastewater sludge, biosolids, and agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical wastes.

AirSCWO™ Nix systems are compact, prefabricated and modular so they can be cost effectively shipped, installed and operated within the footprint of an existing plant.

is a truly disruptive technology that has the potential to shift the global waste management paradigm from treatment to resource recovery.


AirSCWO uses the unique properties of water above its critical point (374 °C and 221 bar). In these conditions, in the presence of oxygen, organics are rapidly converted to clean water, inert gases, recoverable mineral salts and reusable heat with >99% reduction in solids volume.  The process has proven effective at eliminating emerging contaminants such as PFAS and 1,4-Dioxane, drugs, microplastics and pathogens.


The inlet waste stream is continuously fed to a heat exchanger to preheat the stream before entering the reactor. The stream is then combined with compressed air from a high-pressure compressor. The air and water at high pressure and temperature oxidize the organics in the reactor to clean water, inert gases, mineral salts and heat. The heat is recycled to heat-up the inlet waste stream in the economizer and to flash some of the effluent, together with the high-pressure exhaust gases, in the expander to produce mechanical power to run the air compressor and generate electricity for use at the plant. The effluent water with the suspended minerals is cooled, depressurized and safely discharged from the system. The water and mineral salts are separated and available for reuse.



Decentralized, compact, modular continuous operating SCWO units

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>99.9% removal of solids, PFAS, drugs, microplastics and pathogens.

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Energy generation, recovery and reuse; off-grid operation at full-scale

No pollution.webp

No pollution, no odor, offsetting methane emissions (Methane is x86 more potent than carbon dioxide)

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Competitive cost for developed countries, highly affordable cost for developing countries

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Supporting a circular economy by recovering resources